Piggy Back!

Will Write for Entertainment.

So, seeing as how I'm going to be stuck in an airport all day long tomorrow, I'm giving you guys, my loyal friends, a chance to help entertain me.

Here's the deal. Don't worry, it's fairly simple and doesn't involve signing over say, your voice for legs or anything like that.

Anyways. Give me a prompt. Any prompt. I'm taking three in total, unless there happen to be others that interest me. However, the first three I will definitely finish by the first of the year.

Sounds like fun? GO.

And I honestly expect no one to see this, haha.
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Piggy Back!

....Am I Interesting Yet?

I haven't updated in a while...and by that I mean, like a week or so.

I'm like a dog...No perception of time.


Really? Fascinating. Do tell.

...of course there's nothing in my hand. What do you mean, cholorform?
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